AI And The Sudden Skyscrapers In The Brain

I’m not sold on AI.  Machine learning is one thing.  General artificial intelligence is something I have problems with, on several levels.  Inorganic Intelligence is probably a less sexy term.  Or perhaps even Machine Cognition.  There always seems to be assumptions around self-reflective consciousness in AI discussion, particularly when the likes of Elon Musk are working the room for reputational means leading to fresh money.

We don’t understand how organic consciousness works.  Frankly, we don’t have a great understanding of how human cognition works, given that we only recently found out that human neuronal cliques perform cognition in eleven-dimensional mathematical structures.  I’m not putting a capstone atop “things humans can do” – it’s entirely possible that one day we will figure out how that all works and find ways to emulate it in machines. But it ain’t on a Ray Kurzweil tineframe.

The other half of that argument, of course, is that we wished to emulate the flight of birds, but 747s don’t flap their wings up and down.  We find other ways to emulate the condition of that we covet.  So there may be ways to achieve general artificial intelligence with awareness who decide to exterminate us all because we keep trying to fuck them like Japanese sex robots.

In a couple of months I have to go and talk coherently about all this to people in a remote location in Norway, so it’s time to start sorting it out in my own head.


Just received: LIFE 3.0, Max Tegmark (UK) (US)