Blue Ants

A friend said to me, the other month, “What we need is for Blue Ant to pay for all the things we want to do.” Without even thinking, I replied, “I want to BE Blue Ant.”

Which is an absurd thing to say. Or even think.

Why would you not want to be Blue Ant? Being aware that others may read this, I don’t want to spoil the ending of William Gibson’s “Blue Ant” trilogy, as some now call it. But Bill gives the mysterious (or, perhaps, too shallow to be knowable, like screwing fog, therefore “mysterious”) Hubertus Bigend a very, very good reason for doing what he does. Which is knowing things, as completely as possible, before other people do. Again, fog: he leaks into the leading edge of the civilisational substrate without being detected, and causes sample molecules to be scraped off the cutting blade of the future-facing plane.

And, because I’m slow, it’s just occurred to me that Blue Ant pursues the blue rose.


Reading: EVENT by Slavoj Zizek.