Late Twitter

It’s a pity that I’ve been able to feel Twitter slow down and grow less porous over the last year — before I could have it running at its peak on multiple screens.  That, I fantasised, would be a marvellous way to detect the future leaking into the present.  That was my fictional future: great streams of information, both raw and curated, walls of it, a glanceable view of the world entire.  There’s talk of having reached Peak Twitter already, with some nine billion fewer timeline views year-on-year, and proclamations of the end of the brief age of “streams.”  This marvellous thing, that brought me so much, may well be entering its late period.  If you’ve been online long enough, you learn to recognise the signs of decadence.  The air gets toxic, the signal gets low, the windows get covered in flies.

Reading: 131, Julian Cope.