I Am Retiring From Mornings

Time was, a few years ago, that sitting down to write one of these in my mornings (not to be confused with normal people’s conception of what “morning” means) was a great leveller, especially when I was on the road all the time. But times change.

(Oh, by the way, there’s a signed limited edition of my book DEAD PIG COLLECTOR available for order right now.)

My mornings have been so fucked up and non-morning-y for a while now that I haven’t had any rhythm on this journal, and it feels increasingly like a bad fit for the way my life is now.  Four years ago, it let me order my thoughts.  Today it’s “well, shit, it’s 3pm already.”  I’ve been thinking, for the last couple of months, that I’d like to maintain a public presence on the net, but that I need to do something else.

So I’m going to do something else. Thanks to the couple of thousand people who checked in every time I wrote something here. Be seeing you.