Broadcast And Transmission

Universe is a fun bit of thinking — building websites on your phone, in an app.  Which means updating your website easily in an app, in theory as easy as using Instagram.  Certainly a few steps shorter than WordPress.  It could even be an amusing way to do a status page.  It doesn’t spit out an RSS feed or have anything in its code that Feedburner can grab, so it can’t really talk to the outside world — you have to subscribe to Universe pages inside the app, like following someone on a social network. Which isn’t ideal.

I feel like I want to see some more thought around getting the fuck off social networks but being able to maintain lines of connection between friends, comrades and fellow-travellers in addition to the Republic Of Newsletters and the Isles Of Blogging.  Status pages as the signals from the Invisible Monastery, or, possibly, Hobo Code marks on the walls of the web.  Planning for the oncoming dark age?

Radio beacons.

I dunno.  I feel like it’s either a fragment of an idea for maintaining connections while routing around toxic internet, or it’s MySpace pages.  Or possibly my brain is playing with this because it doesn’t want to work on the thing in front of it, but surely not, that never happens