Medicine For A Hole In The Head

Sometimes — and I suspect it’s usually a sign something is wrong in the work, that my brain is thrashing around looking for new things to grab hold of — but sometimes, I think about being online more.  In that Extremely Online way of multiple daily blogging.  I look at clever new microblogging systems like Blot, which is really very smartly built indeed, or remember with guilt that I still have an unused instance at the marvellous Ghost system, and I think, well, maybe I could do something this time…

It is, as I say, a warning shot from the back of my head.  Something’s wrong and I need to look at what I’m working on again.  It’s the subconscious leaving clues that something is broken. You have to learn to recognise these things before they trip you up.

I have decided to blame Georgina Voss for saying she wanted “an alternative internet.”  That clause sent my stupid brain to a number of places it should not loiter in.

So I shall go to the place where they fill these glasses with wine, as medicine.

Re-reading: CANNIBAL METAPHYSICS, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro (UK) (US)