Friday Furnace

I’m a few days off finishing a big job, which has been hampered by it being 34C outdoors and about 600C in my office.

I am waiting for the promised storms, so that I can work as fast as my brain is going without my fingers slipping off the keys or the laptop freaking out and shutting down.  (They really don’t build Lenovos the way they used to.)  I am looking at tweetstorms and threads and general low-weight bullshit moving across my streams like sprayed manure over a dying field. Remember when Medium was going to cure all this?  Hahahah.

Mediun owner/operator Ev Williams is Mark Zuckerberg.  You remember when Facebook enticed publishers to pivot to video for Facebook and then killed news/opinion video on Facebook?  Medium has pivoted something like five times, and each time it’s severely injured a whole tranche of publishers and writers who it invited in.  It’s that. It’s exactly that.  It’s bringing news and opinion and art and theory sources inside and then killing them in a box.

RSS isn’t dead. Social media works great for link notifications, not so much for complete thoughts or even not-fully-baked considerations.  The fields are on fire and being sprayed with liquid shit.  Dig your own garden, build your own structures, make your own space.

I am too hot and I have too much to do and I am possibly in a bad mood.

I have a newsletter.  It goes out on Sundays, when it will be cooler and I will be less shouty.