Adam Parfrey RIP

Never met him.  Don’t think I ever spoke to him.  We had a few friends in common over the years — once you’ve been doing this job for a while, the degrees of separation between you and the people who made your favourite things decrease quite alarmingly. And APOCALYPSE CULTURE was one of my favourite things, as was CULT RAPTURE.  The story going around is that he simply fell over, hit his head and died. This is unfair.  If he was going to go, then he should have exploded in a shack on the edge of a volcano, or have been found in a cult compound surrounded by people having sex with cars.

Parfrey was one of the last essential windows into the weird outlying territories of the world before the internet brought it all into our homes. He continued to be a force in bringing fringe literatures out into the light.  He made strange-looking choices in his work and his publishing because he was so obviously just so damned curious about the cracks in the planet and the things that lived in them. 61 is no age for the culture to lose him at.

I didn’t know him at all, but he brought me all these gifts, and I’m sad to see him go.