The Short Things

There are a lack of small things in my media diet.  I would dearly love more five-minute podcasts.  I’m sure they’re harder to monetise – some podcasts seem to take five minutes just listing and talking-up their sponsors.  And, yes, podcasts fill an important role in extensive, unbounded and deep conversation not limited by standard programming slots.  But innovation comes in the short things too.  Maybe it doesn’t need to be a novel or six hours of audio or 45 minutes on YouTube.  It can be a novella, a pamphlet, a clip or a five-minute podcast too.  Find the shape that the piece actually fits, rather than the shape the current culture expects it to be. You might be more likely to finish it. Hell, I might be more likely to finish it.

Brought to you by the older gentleman who recently got sent a book that appears to be five fucking inches thick.


READING: New Dark Age: Technology, Knowledge and the End of the Future – James Bridle (UK) (US)