Randoms 6sep17

  • 30-minute mix of “This Corrosion” created by Andrew Liles of Nurse With Wound
  • Blair Thornburgh: “Never forget: the Icelandic word for computer (tölva) combines the words for “number” and “seeress,” so basically a computer = number-witch.”
  • 115 years pegged as “maximum human lifespan”  but if you’re one of those restricted-calorie people then you die at 65 but it just feels like 115 years
  • next time you read one of those “geniuses wear the same uniform every day” things, ask yourself if you are in fact Albert Einstein? No? Then wear what you fucking like. Failing to take pleasure in your life will kill you quicker than deciding what to wear.

Just arrived on Kindle: ACADIE, Dave Hutchinson (UK) (US)