Yeah, Well

Another turn around the sun.  Aside from being barely 95% over this flu bug that’s annihilating the Thames Delta area like the Black fucking Plague, I feel great.  I’m massively overworking, everything’s happening at once, the world is on fire and it’s giving me life. I’ve rarely felt so personally positive about an oncoming year and that’s probably because I’ll die before it’s over. The euphoria of the last tour before the funeral – there’s probably a long German word and a FURY ROAD gif for that.  I’ve accidentally handrolled my own by playing Drone Zone over Bloomberg news.

My social media are either deleted or shut off in some way, but it’s not hermitage, because friends and comrades know how to reach me. I’ve just turned the volume control down on the world, and I focus on other things, in other ways.  It brings me peace, and peace brings me clarity, and clarity brings me energy. Good to go.

Another turn around the sun. Forty-nine and counting. Not dead yet.

Reading: DARK MONEY, Jane Mayer (UK) (CA) (US)