The Indestructible Stars

And on winter days in Giza, it is often possible to see the sun breaking through the clouds and shining down at the same angle as the pyramids: a stairway to heaven, formed by the rays of the sun on which the king, ‘nimble and wise, could ascend to the indestructible stars.’


From In Search Of The First Civilizations by Michael Wood.

At least one source has the last line as part of an alternate translation of, and I love this terminology, Spell 269 of the Pyramid Texts.

The “indestructible stars” is said to refer to two circumpolar stars, Mizar and Kochab, which, due to their position, seem never to set; and that the angles of pyramids aim at the space they occupy, for it surely had to be heaven.

No matter what happened on Earth, there were still ways to walk on sunlight to the indestructible stars.