Sensible Requirements For Future Office Equipment

I need this so much.  Mine.  I mean, the updated, 2017 version, of course.  “…a typewriter, television screens, video recorder and a photocopier from an 1969 exhibition in Hanover, Germany.”  I’m vaguely reminded of the setup that the game writer had in Neal Stephenson’s REAMDE. There’s a fascination with the fictional devices and setups that information workers in novels and films have, from Hubertus Bigend’s ghost state to Eric Packer’s seat with Cybersyn-style armrest-screen that shows him things that haven’t happened yet.

Remember when there was enough time and such a lack of pressure in the world that we felt like we could burn hours complaining about how our fictional futures never quite turned up?

I want and crave this thing. It’s the same thing that happened to Ben Hammersley when he saw Stokowski’s desk-trunk.  But, to conclude a thought I noted to myself a few weeks back – it’s time to put away the old things, even the old futures.

But god, I need that thing.