The Datification Of Work

So the other day I wrote:

“I noticed yesterday that one of the contact management apps I’d previously flirted with, Humin, has been bought by Tinder …since there’s not a killer contacts app, maybe contacts need to be date-ified in the same way that everything a couple of years ago apparently needed to be gamified?”

And last night, this happened: “What would Tinder look like if you used it at work – for people you work with? Atlassian wanted to know, so it created ‘Teamder.’”

Datification.  Date-ification is more legible but less correct.  The datification of work.

We’re just now getting to the point where “busy-ness” is being perceived as bad.  So now it looks like there might be a brief period where your work is your hook-up. Swipe your co-workers! Increase happiness and engagement!  Make your gig your date! Live and work in a podshare and never have sex again and never stop working again, because it’s not working, it’s dating your job! Be the subject of countless hot takes five years from now when you and your peers all start killing themselves in really heartbreaking ways!

Reading: THE FRACTAL PRINCE, Hannu Rajaniemi (UK) (US)