Blood Work

Another personal update, I suppose.  I’ve started the next battery of tests to determine why my body is trying to die early(ish).  One current theory is that hypertension is driving my massively fluctuating blood pressure, which led to my body experiencing something very like a stroke.  (And yet not a stroke or a TIA.)  This is going to keep happening until they identify the mechanism and thereby a way to manage it with either medication or, they hope, lifestyle changes.

And this new theory comes as I had pretty much decided to focus my online time on this site and the newsletter to the exclusion of pretty much all public internet activities.  Aside from the occasional tinker on Twitter or whatever, because nobody’s perfect and sometimes you just have to be horrible to Jamie McKelvie.  But I’m done, for now, with spending lots of time in the public online space.  I want conversations, in DMs or emails or channels.  I want time to think.  I want to look at the sky and listen to the world.  Yesterday I was told that, at rest and in nominal state, I have the blood pressure of an 18-year-old.   I’ve also lost seven pounds since The Medical Event happened.   I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for two or three years, aside from the hypertension that’s going to kill me.  So I’m going to sit quietly over here and see if I can make sure it doesn’t.

Hello again.  It’s me.

(Oh, and the newsletter won’t be coming this weekend, as I need to change over to a new newslettering system.)

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