The Poetry Of Science

I can’t help but approach science and history from the standpoint of language.  Because I’m a writer, sure, but also because that’s where those things truly live.  Science can produce the greatest poetry of the age.  Even headline writing at otherwise sober institutions like take on mad poetry, just because that’s the way things are now.  Actual headline:  “Multifractals suggest the existence of an unknown physical mechanism on the Sun.”  An UNKNOWN PHYSICAL MECHANISM ON THE SUN.  Just let that sink in.  Because that bit alone is some demented Lovecraftian genius.  Which may only be topped by THIS actual headline about the NASA NuStar satellite: “NuStar captures possible ‘screams’ from zombie stars.”


This is the real music.  “Cosmology in ghost-free bigravity theory with twin matter fluids: The origin of “dark matter”.”  And, a personal favourite:  “Crystals May Be Possible In Time As Well As Space.”


(Taken from the talk I gave in Dublin a couple of weeks ago.)