A Philosophy Of Human Life

Always look up and around, every day, to see where you are and consider it for a few minutes.

Only drink coffee that is good. Drink more water. Be out in the open air. Eat fruit. Look for local food, but enjoy foods brought from great distances as a pleasure of the 21st Century. Remember that guy from Soylent who said “I don’t need 21 nice meals a week”? That guy is the enemy of life. 21 nice meals a week is the goal. Don’t eat people. They have diseases and all kinds of horrible deposits in their tissues. Human brains are especially lethal. Humans are omnivorous pursuit predators. I saw someone suggest the other day that if there is other life in the universe then they would probably view us as horror movie monsters because we are awful stalking nightmare killers with surreal healing abilities who have dedicated ourselves to the fashioning of death tools for tens of thousands of years and we fuck and eat everything in our path. And not always in that order. And I’ve just realised that I am never going to be a life coach or a comforting philosopher of the hygge and pastoral. Damn.


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