Recent Quotes 11jan19

All stories are stories of disintegration, no doubt, but this disintegration is itself only an ordinary episode in the empire of rain.

  • Béla Tarr, the Time After, Jacques Rancière and Erik Beranek (UK) (US)

In nature he sees only cruelty and pain and states quite clearly that the reason for our existence might simply be to allow pain to exist.

  • The Philosophy of Samuel Beckett, John Calder
    (UK) (US)

Chayefsky found an ally for Altered States at the highest level of Columbia Pictures, where the former MGM executive Daniel Melnick had risen to the studio’s presidency. (Reviewing the screenplay a few weeks prior to his official appointment, Melnick had cheekily written to Chayefsky in a telegram, DEAR PADDY: STUNNING, BRILLIANT, BREATHTAKING—BUT WE CAN FIX IT.)

  • Mad as Hell: The Making of Network and the Fateful Vision of the Angriest Man in Movies, Dave Itzkoff (UK) (US)

‘4′ 33″’ is not about silence at all, in fact, but the impossibility of it. This was something he discovered on visiting an anechoic chamber at Harvard University, supposedly a sensory deprivation experience, but during which he was aware of two droning sounds, high and low. These were, the duty engineer told him, the sounds of his nervous system and blood circulation respectively.

Mars by 1980: The Story of Electronic Music, David Stubbs
(UK) (US)

Friends; always there when they need you.

Europe at Dawn (The Fractured Europe Sequence Book 4), Dave Hutchinson
(UK) (US)