Morning 2019

Today’s the day I take the auto-responder off my email. I shouldn’t, as I have a screenplay to finish in a week, and there’s a chunk right in the middle of it that continues to elude me and it hasn’t got any good jokes yet. But, today, I need to admit to the outside world that I’m still alive.

I am not ready for 2019 to begin. But it’s rare that I ever feel completely ready to do a thing before I do a thing.

For whatever reason, I’m always happiest when I just take a deep breath and wing it. And, in the end, it’s the right thing for me to have done.

You can arrange post-it notes and cards all you like, graph and plot and plan it. I’ll be the one standing on his own, looking at his watch and squinting at the horizon.

Here we go again. Deep breath.