2019 Has Fully Happened

I’d toyed around with maybe farting around on the internet a bit this year. Maybe dipping in and out of social media, rebuilding my online audience a bit, trying some digital experiments, perhaps even having and joining some conversations.

Oh, but 2019 has fully happened. When 2018 went Full Speed Life, I pushed and railed against it and got pissed off. This year? Fuck it. I accept it. I’m pulling out my fresh notebooks, assembling my pens, declining all public appearances, buying DVDs and spending thirty quid a day at Bandcamp. I’m done. I am accepting the life and accepting that this and the newsletter (and, I suppose, Status, and Longwave when I am so moved) will be my only contact with the outside.

Just before Xmas, my manager said to me about the moment, “it’s 1000mph or nothing at all.” The implication at the end being, “pick one.”

I’m 51 next month. Fuck it. Let’s pick 1000mph and see what happens. Writing this journal entry to myself is declaration. I accept.

So here’s a photo of one of my cats.