Rustle And Groan

Because I’m way too tired for the hustle and flow. Not to go all hustle-porn on you, but 2019 is looking like it could be the busiest year of my life. 2018 was bad enough. January is usually slow. Everything kind of exploded around Jan 5. I have a feeling it could be Jan 2 in 2019.

So I’m taking the gap between Xmas and New Year to just kind of breathe, organise things in my head, and work out how to get through 2019 without ending it in a box.

We do what we have to, to tell the stories we want to, in the spaces that opportunity provides. Sometimes you only get one shot to tell one particular story or do one particular thing. And, after you do this a while, that becomes okay, because you know there will be other spaces for other stories. But, for me, 2019 is full of those one-time spaces, so I need to show up and give all of them their best shot at happening.

No public appearances from me in 2019. Just life and writing (and producing) and probably spending thousands on new music to get me through the year.

Just enjoying these peaceful, quiet days and attending to my recovery from the damage of 2018 before the engines re-light and I have to do it all over again.

Deep breath before we go down the dip.

I put all the love and beauty
In the spirit of the night
And I’m holding my ticket tight.

Reading and loving the NOMA GUIDE TO FERMENTATION (UK) (US)