The Status Page

I was clicking around, looking for something, when I came across this old post by Merlin Mann:

Lots of sites have status pages. I wish more people had them.

My friend, Leslie, used to do an excellent one that included updates on her beverages, hair, and stress level.  I manually update a stripped-down status that shows roughly how busy I am.

Yeah, status pages for people should be more popular, and I also wish they were a bit easier to make and maintain. It would be a nifty way to display information

Which was exactly the opposite of what I was looking for, which was an actual status page system, that perhaps tied into IFTTT (which is hard, as I think IFTTT charges services money for their integration).  I no longer wish to be an Extremely Online Person, but I would like to have an easily (or daily-automatically) updated status page showing my email load, general working condition, location and available hours.

I may just start a second instance and update a plaintext file every day.  But, of all the things microblogs and newsfeeds squashed, it’s kind of sad that you don’t see these personal, eccentric things much any more.

The thought was started by , a clever piece of coding I cannot approach or grasp, and the emulator , which appears to be a lot less functional but you can’t get under the hood to see what they’re got unless you pay them seven Yanqui dollar.