Usual Hermitage Bullshit Notice

A note mostly to myself — like pretty much all the notes here — to mark that on Saturday at 1201am I turned off my social media. I have a private IG account for looking at nice pictures, and Twitter lists for news, but I’m not posting on or participating in the public internet for the next several months.  I tell people on my newsletter, all the time, to tune their internet connections until they are useful and fun.  The public internet stopped being fun for me some years ago, and I disconnect from it for half of each year at least.  I like newsletters, blogs and RSS, podcasts, email, messaging apps and complete thoughts.  The public network turned into something I don’t really enjoy or get anything out of.  I still have the autoposters that sling links to these posts on to social networks, because, fuck it, why not?  Maybe you followed one of those, read this, and thought for five seconds about what you get out of the public network.  Maybe you like things just the way they are. That’s fine.   Maybe you had another thought about how you could make your experience better. These are all just tools, and you can fiddle around with them any way you like.

Anyway.  I write in my journal here in the morning when I remember to.

Reading: DIGITAL TARKOVSKY, Metahaven (UK) (US)