Star Fear Halloween Summer

Back from London, where the weather was really disturbingly good.  Like, 25 Celsius in the middle of October good.  Very worrying. The rain came back the day after, but it was still 15, 16 degrees.  We’ve been feeling climate change for the last ten years, but Saturday should have scared the shit out of everybody.  More than when it hit 35 over the summer.

It didn’t, of course, and London was as littered with half-dressed Saturday night drunks as you’d expect.  Some places still had radiators and heat lamps on, “because it’s October,” despite the fact that we’ve had summers in previous years that were not as warm as last Saturday.  One year a frost in June killed all the seedlings the kid and I had planted and raised.

One of these days I’m going to buy a farm, convert a chunk of the land for solar and let the local permaculture people experiment with the rest.  I don’t want to go all Dark Mountain here, but if you haven’t noticed by now that we’re all in trouble, then I’m not waiting for you any more.


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