Plant Robot, Brain Fat


This is watermelon and pomegranate juice in a pint glass because I am fucking classy.  And because I’ve been on my arse in this chair since Jan 2 writing for 15 hours every day and the flab is accreting on me like… a good metaphor for flab accretion because it’s August and my brain is fried.  And probably also wearing a coat of cellulite.  Can you get brain cellulite?  Probably.  Anyway, I’m juicing every day, because my body is way out of whack and I have to be seen in public on September 22/23 at Thought Bubble, where I’m being interviewed on stage and then giving a closing keynote.  And it would be preferred if I didn’t have to sling a unicycle under my gut in order to be able to move around.

The worst of the heat has finally passed.  My office is always significantly hotter than the outdoors temperature, so, when the heatwave spiked… well, I left my phone too close to the laptop for five minutes and it went into heat emergency alert.  I had to abandon the office completely on Monday and Tuesday.  I generally do not function well in “extreme” heat, by which I mean extreme for England, where houses are built to retain heat over six-month-long winters, not dissipate heat when it goes over 33 C.

I just realised my wall calendar is still on the July sheet.  It’s been that kind of year.  Here we go again.

I just read TURNED ON by Kate Devlin, which is about the history and future of robosexology, and it’s really good:  (UK) (US)