Bats, Giant Diseased Bats

I am, in fact, farting around with a little personal weblog idea, because it amused me to “make” a thing that took away the impetus to tweet.  (I had to go back on Twitter in prep for the CASTLEVANIA launch announcement.)  I’m fine with syndicating words to Twitter, as it can create useful network effects that benefit me when I go back into public-internet-hermit mode.  But having Twitter be their sole home and originating space?  Not always so comfortable with that.  I have systems to copy my words out of Twitter again, but…

And while I do enjoy these morning notes, and find them useful — when I’m really busy, like this year, my mornings are really just for trying to wake the fuck up.  I’m finding I’d like to do little bursts of notation and broadcast during the day.  As a way to keep myself thinking and moving, as a way to perhaps be in the world in a useful way, and also to create a little box of thoughts for myself.

Coming off the main services and using them for what they’re actually good for – sharing interesting links and pictures, signal boosting the good things, and abusing people I know.  (Hi Chip!)  Doing everything else in my own diaries and notebooks.

This is probably still my brain trying to escape the multiple deadlines surrounding me like bats.

Here is a picture of some skulls.  I have a newsletter.