I saw Kate Devlin tweet that How The Light Gets In 2018 destroyed her. I know the feeling but I wish I had time to be destroyed.  Got home late Tuesday, after that goddamn thunderstorm followed me into London while I was in for two meetings, and then stalked me all the way back to Southend.  I am heading out again in a couple of days, unusually for me, and fully expect it to trail me back into London.

How The Light Gets In festival was unusual, too.  For me, it’s not normally that incredibly social.  Sunday was a joy, drinking with Kate, Mic Wright, Kristen Sollee and Roxana Shirazi (and Tess Gruenberg, earlier).  I’m not sure any of the panels I did were especially enlightening for anyone, although I certainly learned things from the likes of the formidable Margaret Boden,  But, for the first time, I just had an incredibly fun and relaxed day full of laughter and stories.  It may not have been productive in any real sense, but, damn, I’d missed the experience of friends.

And now I’m back to the processing and the sending and the writing.  That should hold me for a year.  Here we go again.