My Newsletter

Is currently on hiatus until June 4.  Because I needed the space in my week that it takes up, and because it was time for one of the periodic pauses I need in order to refigure what it’s for.  You can subscribe to it here — please disregard the fact that it’s so basic that Robin Sloan once said it looks like a dark web page.  I don’t know how to do proper landing pages.

It goes out on Sundays, currently to some 20,000 people.  I presume my mailing list service will implement some crippling GDPR protocol to that at some imminent point and half of those people will go away overnight.  But still.  For a weekly newsletter written by a fringe-culture hermit author in darkest Essex, that’s not bad.  I mean, most of them open it.  The 35% of people whose opens don’t register, it turns out, defeat the little pixel-counter by various means.  So it has an insane open rate.  When I say it goes out to 20,000 people, I mean that almost all of them read it within a couple of weeks.

And it’s mostly me just crapping away about random shit.  It’s not often about my work – in fact, it’s so rarely about my work that sometimes readers write to me to tell me that it’s okay if I want to talk about my stuff.

In my head, though, it’s always wanted to be a magazine.  A journal.  A curation of whatever I’m interested in, in any given moment. I’ve just never had the time to make it that thing — at the end of the week, there’s really been no time for anything but my emptying my head out into the newsletter machine and hitting send. This space was the place I was supposed to empty my unedited brain into.  The newsletter was supposed to be broader, more considered, and with more voices than mine.

So this is me committing in public to making that happen.  Writing it down makes it true, right?

I’m at warrenellis at gmail if you want to tell me what you want to see.