Heading up to York this morning, to do my Visiting Professor bit at York St John University.  Followed by a murky trail of digital carrier-pigeon shit.  Trying to put an artist on a comics series (remarkably hard for me, because I’ve been doing this so long, with so many hiatuses from the medium to write novels and the like, that people either think I’m dead or have never heard of me), dealing with deals, doing show notes and dialogue rewrites… I actually wrote out my Monday, on a private Slack with some other writers, as we like to share the misery.  And it was so absurdly full, mostly with things that were not actual writing, that I am oddly glad to be spending time on trains, talking to students, and being nowhere near my desk.  Followed all over the country by the electric ghost-pigeons of email and texts.

Yes, I’m a little punchy today.  Ghost-pigeons.  Fuck.  I need some sleep.