New Phone Who Dis


In which I realise while travelling that 1) the new phone did not copy over my WordPress app login details 2)  the password is somehow nowhere on my phone and in fact tacked up to my office wall.

Reading this Buzzfeed story on “influencers” and it occurs to me that a snafu like the one above would cost these poor bastards thousands.

As someone who invented a variant on professional bloggers in science fiction in the 1990s, I feel terrible that these people have fallen into a future that is not only just partially built and tested (like all futures) but barely even sketched out, even by the early warning stations of sf and speculative design.  I worry that there’s a 21 year old guy out there with a phone in one hand and the Snap Spectacles he borrowed money for in the other hand, wondering what the fuck happened to the future he secured a loan on.  But, you know, these days, I worry for everybody.

Just read: THE SMOKE, Simon Ings  (UK) (US)