Ways Writers Work

I get asked this. Presumably every writer does. How do you actually work? What’s the method?  What’s the secret?  Here’s the thing: everybody does it differently, and there’s often little to be learned.  Let me tell you a couple of extreme examples.

Georges Simenon.  He took three days to think about the book and the characters. Wrote the book in eight days, sometimes hitting eighty pages a day.  Took a week off, then revised the book in three days and sent it out.

Michael Moorcock wrote some of his fantasy novels in the following way.  On Monday he drew up the maps and lists.  Wrote 20,000 words a day through Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Delivered the book and got his cheque on Friday.  And on at least one occasion trundled over to Harrods and endorsed the cheque to them to pay his food, cigars and drinks bill.

If those were the only two stories about writers that you know, you’d never start. Find your own way.

Trust me.  Never forget, I am an actual doctor now.