Settling in. Last year was a rough ride.  Professionally, it was largely good-but-weird, and harder work than I needed.  Personally, it was mostly quiet, aside from another little visit from Miscellaneous Neurological Event.  Today I am warming up all the machines in preparation for an even harder year’s work, with a tv series and a few graphic novels to write before the end of June.  CASTLEVANIA Season 2 goes live in the summer, and we’re going to be working on that through the same time period.  And I’m turning my internet connections back on in preparation for the public-facing nature of it all. Which is like sinking down in a dirty old chair that remembers my shape but is no longer comfortable.

2018, then.  I’m glad it’s here.  I like to turn the page.  Buy a new notebook and write the new year’s number on the inside front cover. I hope it’s more comfortable than I’m expecting.

Here we go again.

Recently read and loved:  AFTER THE FLARE,  Deji Bryce Olukotun  (UK) (US)