Me And The View


I love these Dutch train seats.  They have that Cybersyn vibe.  I wanted to rattle through the Netherlands controlling a national economy from my chair.

There’s been a lot of trains and planes in the last five or six weeks, and a cruel dose of The Man-Flu, culminating in being the special guest at a University of Essex graduation ceremony on Halloween.  I opened my camera roll yesterday and it’s mostly views from trains and planes and hotel windows.  I didn’t take my laptop to any of these places, which will infuriate any number of clients.  It was a very pleasant return to circa 2000 for me, when it was just an email-enabled phone, a book, a music player and a notebook and pen.  And me and the view.

The photos mostly don’t have people in them.  They’re just the record of getting to the place and then leaving the place.  It’s also been nice to return to keeping my conversations in physical spaces.  I talk so little in my daily life that, now, my throat regularly stings the day after an event, on the train or plane home.

But it’s mostly just me and the view.