Hotel Life Club November 2017

Up and down the City Road, in and out the Eagle.  Jumping into London down the rails once a week for this and that, avoiding the last train home at night (which I tend to refer to as the “vomit comet”) by grabbing hotel rooms in town.   Dipping into that supermodern place of “spaces designed to be passed through, not lived in.”

This was the Henrietta Hotel in Covent Garden.  Lovely little place.  I was doing some video for DC All Access and then at the launch for Nick Harkaway’s book GNOMON, which turned into me, Jana Carpenter, Laure Eve and Julian Simpson (and, later, Tom Pollock) telling career-war stories, and my discovering that, for no good reason, people in British publishing have actually heard of me.  (Or at least claimed to.)  I’m not published in Britain.  Never have been, really.  I just pass through the town, belonging to nothing but the partial continuous nomadic confederacy of Hotel Life Club.