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Okay, so never fly out of AMS on a Sunday.  Got it.  I need to get me one of those Privium cards to bypass the cattle lines for security. Also, leave early for the airport, because the traffic into Schiphol is fucked.

Also also, eat at Cafe Modern more.  Can’t recommend that place, or the service, enough.  Here was the thing.  I spent a week at the incredible Juvet Landscape Hotel, where the food was magnificent hyperlocal New Nordic, and I may just move there for good one way and you’ll never see me again. But by the time I got to Amsterdam-Noord I was ready for something different to fish and beets. And the set menu featured fish and beets. But it turns out you can say, I don’t want fish or beets, I need meat tonight, and they’ll tweak the plates on the fly.  And I got the most fantastic slices of seared duck with crisped skin.  Amazing food.

Looking forward to being back there. Thanks to Juha and Polina for bringing me over.

 My sleep schedule is shot to shit. I have a lot to process from the last week.

I got given a copy of the book THE NOISE OF BEING while I was in Amsterdam, which you can take a look at over here.