Box Of Autumn

Took me a full week to fix my sleep pattern after the Norway conference.  Just about back to normal now, and I’m into my simple hermit schedule.  Antipasti and wine in the afternoons at my local place, or walking into town for a cup of bone broth and food shopping. Things that feel like autumn. All the social media is off, nobody can reach me, and in January I start a big job that’ll keep me busy until June.  I watch my global news lists scroll past, and the pretty pictures on Instagram, and stay the hell out of the way. Yesterday I walked around town listening to a Global Dispatches podcast about the Central African Republic.  I’m in Utrecht in a couple of weeks to give a talk.  By next spring I’ll be mad to talk on the internet all day, but right now talking in real rooms and then sitting at my hermit table watching the world through a silent screen feels like the way to go.

Weirdly obsessed with the drinking bowls they served soup in at the Juvet Landscape Hotel. That’s a sign of autumn — bedding in for the winter with all the things that make it go easier.

I’m going out for a walk.  Time for my glass of red wine. If you’re reading this through one of the pipes that lead to my social media accounts, I hope you have a great autumn.