The Sydarthur Festival 2

Got the below programme in the mail.  Came as a complete surprise.  Last year, the Cope family – Dorian, Avalon and Julian – put up a month of songs and writing surrounding the confluence of Syd Barrett and Arthur Lee, who died 28 days apart.  “This is – in the psychedelic spirit of its two major players – a mind-manifesting festival. No pricey tickets, no camping like sardines in some infernal swamp.” I’m not the world’s greatest psychedelia aficionado, but last year I found something beautiful and information on every day.

Additionally, they write: “Between the pillars of Arthur and Syd lies a rich fertile land inhabited by a multitude of psychedelic events and of artists, authors and practitioners whose births and deaths fall within this 28-day period.”  And so the Copes occupy an entire continuum on these 28 days.

You can even buy the rather lovely programme that Dorian so kindly sent me, complete with CD and commentary from the magisterial Julian Cope, creator of some of my favourite musics.  (Everybody should own ODIN, as far as I’m concerned.)

On July 7, begin at