Sane At First

He asked, “And do you know what Lord Lodestone expects from such a deal?” “Not really. I used to think it was simply a crackpot’s dream that we were trying to use to our own ends. But Lord Lodestone, in the two or three meetings I’ve had with him, does not appear to be a crackpot at all. Eccentric, certainly, but with one of the sanest, soundest minds I’ve ever encountered. But then, he’s English. They all seem sane at first.

— from LUMINOUS CHAOS, Jean-Christophe Valtat  (UK) (US)

I also like this bit from the same book:

We are deeply persuaded, Mr. Orsini, that Architecture can raise people to a higher degree of knowledge, of sensation, of individual and collective self-consciousness—to the heights of a living myth, to … illumination. Building is the only way we have to live up to the power of Nature in us.”