Requirements 7jul17

  • Never be afraid to throw away a want.  Wants change, goalposts move, and resolutions and ambitions are not binding contracts
  • Good bluetooth earbuds with a decent battery life, because I will have to upgrade my phone this year which means I’ll have to give up the headphone jack because phone makers are fucking stupid greedy monsters
  • I need to get on a plane soon.  I need to junp off this angry, defeated little rock and wake up somewhere strange.
  • A leather bracelet, I think. I have a watch on my left wrist and my right wrist looks empty.  I’m presuming that this thought, all on its own, is a sign that I’m due another stroke-like episode.  Who looks at their wrists and thinks, hmm, that looks unbalanced?  Someone unbalanced, that’s who.
  • Four days in an undisclosed and secret location where I can just turn everything off and sit outside with a notebook and listen to music and think and ignore everything but the weather and the sun falling down and the stars lighting up and the things that minds can do.
  • Lunch.