Extelligence And Minimum Viable Internetting

From this piece here:

Connection is inevitable: Most of these experts argued that humans crave connectivity, and they will seek more of it due to its convenience and out of necessity because it will simply be embedded in more and more things. One thoughtful framing of this idea came from Dan McGarry, media director at the Vanuatu Daily Post. “Connection is inevitable,” he wrote. “It’s what [Terry] Pratchett, [Ian] Stewart and [Jack] Cohen call extelligence. So much of human experience is based outside of the human being these days, you can’t be a functioning adult and remain unconnected.” An anonymous respondent put it this way: “The stickiness and value of a connected life will be far too strong for a significant number of people to have the will or means to disconnect.”

A lot to unpack in that piece, relevant to many recent thoughts.  “Extelligence” is unavoidably a consumer purchase, of course.  What is Minimum Viable Connection, at this point?  Just heard a story about a writer who’s going email-free for twelve months – to contact them, one has to email their assistant, who will presumably speak to them. Outsourced connective function.  Interesting power statement, too.  Like being rich enough to drink all the wine and then pay someone to have your hangover for you.

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