Little Coffin Of Me

After all the travel I had in February – April, and all the people who asked for them, I had business cards made. And then I barely left the house except for meetings with people who already had all my contact details and didn’t need business cards.

I felt weird even having them made, but I had a space of several weeks where I was being asked for one several times a day. And here I thought business cards had gone away. I assumed it was all NFC vCards now, or just texting people your details, or maybe tapping in a Twitter @ or something, or maybe people really were using LinkedIn., or something The Youngs had invented that I was unaware of because I am An Old and considering profferring thin slices of tree to people like a fucking Neanderthal. No, out in the world, it turns out business cards are somehow still a thing.  How was that even possible?

So now I have a box of them, and nobody to give them to, because the world turned and now I’m just doing meetings on extant projects.  Look at it. Little coffin.


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