Things I Haven’t Tweeted

  • Very excited about America these days. Really enjoyed the MAD MAX films, looking forward to the theme park
  • i kind of want to entitle my next book SLAVOJ ZIZEK, IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO FUCK OFF NOW
  • I miss public twitter until I use it and them I’m all “who invented this hell site and why are they not in prison”
  • VALERIAN trailer was fun but both of the eyebaggy skinny grey leads look seriously into heroin. The future’s rough, I guess
  • there’s an “opioid epidemic” in the USA but nobody talks about how you people can just buy antibiotics over the counter and use them for everything from scratches to dessert topping to probably oiling your guns
  • that one was too long to be a tweet anyway
  • i happily pass on the mantle of Batman to chip @zdarsky