Karl Lagerfeld’s Weird Light

Somewhere, there’s a GIF of this. It’s the Chanel show in Dallas in 2013. It’s in a rodeo. Karl Lagerfeld shuffles into the middle of the space. Spreads his hands and says “I’m done.” The crowd in the stands break into applause. The doors at the back fly open and an army models walks out, applauding, striding in formation towards him. And he just strolls out of sight as they march around and past him. It is one of the most surreal expressions of cultural power you’ll ever see.  Seriously: an old man says “I’m done” and everybody goes nuts. It fascinates me.

I recently re-found this article about Karl Lagerfeld’s day. It’s hard to imagine a life more sunken in wealth and privilege, but it also makes a fascinating point about what money buys. It buys time. Time to yourself, time to think, time to make the work you want.

What is also fascinating in that story is the glimpse of the amount of culture Lagerfeld still consumes on a daily basis. Reminds me that I still don’t read nearly enough magazines.  I need more.

Always be checking your own practise and see what needs refreshing or changing.

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