Ancient Wine Star Cult

From the superb STAR SHIPS by Gordon White (UK) (US):

…it appears mankind’s relationship with alcohol is a lot older than we expected. It used to be that historians assumed wine was first created with the domestication of grapes, but following discoveries in Iran or wine residue in stone bowls at the Neolithic burial site of Körtik Tepe – also in Southeast Turkey – we can now see that wine-making predates agriculture.

‘It can now be safely stated that people’s first interest in wild grapes in western Asia was for alcohol production, evidence for domestication only following in the fourth millennium BC.’ Dionysus: born wild on the hills and plains that are home to the ruins of a Palaeolithic star cult.

Wine is human. Wine is from the stars. I drink a glass every day, continuing a unbroken connection with human civilisation going thousands of years deep.

And seriously, STAR SHIPS is fantastic. Get a copy.