The Edge Of The Sky

There’s a contrail overhead so tightly wrapped to the curvature of the sky that it looks like it’s dropping straight down and over the edge of the world.
I’m back in the UK, and heading out to London in an hour for events tonight and tomorrow night. Lots more hotels and trains this month. I’ve been back from the US just about two days. The long weekend at MIT Media Lab gave me a lot to think about, and I’m grateful for the next couple of weeks on the road, to process it all. I’m travelling without my laptop today, so that I can think on paper. I have new information  on the future to consider. And, courtesy of Ben Grossman and Magnopus, I spent fifteen minutes in space, jetting around a VR simulation of the ISS, and that gave me a lot to think about.
Tonight, I’m being asked questions about the last nine months in the global north, but my head is out on the edge of the sky, looking for the next new sunrise.