“Spacesuits Of The Mind” And Other Things That Are Wrong With Me

“Maybe it’s just spring,” a friend said.

Something’s really bugging me and I don’t know what it is. Like an itch I can’t scratch. Maybe hitting the road this month and doing six different events will fix me. I have variously considered starting a fake Institute, creating some kind of monthly speaking event in London, turning parts of the ORBITAL OPERATIONS newsletter into a magazine of sorts… I dunno. Flying to Boston for a couple of days to do a thing at MIT Media Lab, and I wonder if the change of air will shake these sticky cobwebs out of my head. Something feels weirdly missing.

Which makes no sense at all with the amount of work I’m doing, or the amount of travel and talking I’ve somehow booked.

“Let me help you do a podcast,” another friend said.

Maybe this is my delayed response to world events, after all. Do something! Somebody should do something about all of the things! Ideas, information, strange things to build spacesuits of the mind with. (I have no idea where that came from. I really need more sleep.) I hope it passes and I can go back to being a zen druid hermit of the littoral wastes.