And We’re Out Again

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to London to do a podcast interview with The Economist and my friend Kenn Cukier. Because my life is weird sometimes.  This is the first of six trips this month, and seven events, which constitutes me being Out In The World again. Also, stupidly, I’ve decided to attempt to write here every day this month. Are we taking odds on how long I last?

One of the trips takes me back to the US, for a private conference, and I’m weirdly nervous about that, even though I’m pretty much at the bottom of the list of people who might get some shit at border control. I naturally assume that I am haunted by Sod’s Law at all times. Interest in travel to the US has apparently slumped by some 18% worldwide?  And what with a hard Brexit on the way, it’s starting to feel like the world is closing down a little bit even for people with massive unearned privilege like me.  One wonders if the rest of the people like me are noticing, too.

Still. Winter hermitage is over.  Time to prep the bags and the tools and take a deep breath and go out into the world to speak and listen and learn.

EDC: Maxpedition TC-9  Pouch (UK) (US)