I watched all 13 episodes of that tv show BACKSTROM. And, you know, full respect to Hart Hanson for getting that made.  But I am offended by the ending, which appears to suggest that a fat bald beardy man who likes food, drinking, smoking, lying and shouting is somehow unqualified to shoot people.  I find this personally offensive to my identity politics, bordering on racism.

(It was actually an interesting note to end on: I presume the team knew that 13 episodes were all they were getting, by the time they were into the last episode.  There are grace notes that, if they were landed by accident, were really damned lucky. It wasn’t uplifting.  Backstrom gets what he wants and then admits complete personal defeat.  The guy we watched in the last 13 episodes dies at a lectern in front of a crowd of strangers who applaud. With a different director on that final scene it could have been Kafkaesque. Intentionally or not, the closing of the thirteenth episode draws a nice hard line under the end of the White Male Arsehole Genius Procedural genre.)

Also here is a bottle of Icelandic schnapps which was really quite unspeakably awful but which I drank anyway because I have moral fortitude.