I haven’t been on the road for so long that I’ve forgotten how to do it. Amazon’s been getting a lot of business from me over the last few days as I replace stuff, order back-ups (you never want to be left without a working set of earbuds) or add a few new wrinkles to the kit. The Nomad Carabiner charging cables look like a stroke of genius – just clip them to the strap of the bag and forget about them until you need them. Carrying a wireless keyboard for my phone means that, once again, I can leave the laptop at home for short trips.  I’ve spent enough time on the road in the past to kind of obsess about my travel kit. The right set-up takes away a lot of the pain of running a few different careers on your own while being away from headquarters.

Soon it will be time to go.  I’ve been sat on my fat arse in my warm house so long that I don’t wanna.