Dear Start-Ups, This Is How You Will Die

For a brief period last year, I was doing tech journalism for Interrupted by my Medical Event. I think they lost interest after that. So it’s been over a year since I did tech journalism.

I am still receiving emails from promotional outfits serving start-ups. Offering me free stuff.  Expensive free stuff, that would have to be shipped to England. All I would have to do is respond with “I would like your expensive stuff for free, in exchange for which I promise to possibly remember your name one day.”

Seriously. You can check the date on my last Esquire article.  Over a year ago.  I could have gotten literally hundreds of dollars’ worth of gear in the last two weeks alone. How many other people do you think are just taking that stuff, with no intent of ever writing about it, or even no longer having the position to write about it?

Designing and shipping physical goods is really, really hard, and really expensive.  Maybe find out if your PR company is just pissing your cash away on this.  And if you’re doing your own outreach? Learn how to use Google. It’s going to save you a lot of money in the long term. And it’s going to save me writing a lot of emails telling you that I haven’t done tech journalism in over a year and I’m not going to blatantly steal your stuff from you.